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What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting a combination of dextrose, local anesthetic, and sterile water into a weakened or damaged area of the body in order to elicit a regenerative response. Prolotherapy can be used to treat damaged ligaments, tendons, and/or joints to promote healing in these areas. When the mixture of these medications is injected an inflammatory response is initiated and your body’s immune cells, specifically fibroblasts, help to create new connective tissue that can help repair damaged tissue and stabilize joints.

Who is a candidate for prolotherapy?

Patients who have a history of joint instability, ligament laxity or pain in an area of their body due to degenerative conditions or injuries may benefit from prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is often used to treat osteoarthritis of the joints, joint instability, and chronic pain that has not responded to alternative treatment options. During your consultation your physician will review your medical history and records and will perform a physical exam to determine your candidacy. Oftentimes, your physician may also do an ultrasound examination of the affected area to further evaluate your candidacy for prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy is also used as an adjunct to many of our regenerative medicine procedures. Patient’s may sometimes receive a prolotherapy injection prior to their bone marrow procedure to help prime the damaged tissue and improve outcomes with platelet-rich-plasma and bone marrow concentrate with stem cells.

How is a prolotherapy injection performed?

Prolotherapy injections are performed in our AAAASF surgical suite with light sedation if needed. Using live imaging guidance, our physicians are able to safely guide a needle to areas of damaged tissue such as tendons, ligaments, and/or joints and treat the affected areas. Once the needle placement is confirmed a prolotherapy solution is injected. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and has minimal downtime.

If you are experiencing pain from a degenerative condition or due to an injury and would like to explore prolotherapy as a treatment option, please contact Ospina Medical at our midtown Manhattan office to book a consultation.

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