Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease in Manhattan, NY

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About Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

Cervical intervertebral discs provide needed stability and support for the cervical spine. Acting as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, intervertebral discs require flexibility and cushioning properties to work effectively. Aging factors can result in brittle and flattened cervical discs that are prone to bulging, herniation and slipping. Degenerative disc disease describes the wear, tear and aging changes that can occur in cervical intervertebral discs, even for those in their mid-life years. Intervertebral discs can experience deterioration from injury or wear prematurely, causing the spinal discs to slip or rupture. While not everyone with degenerative disc disease experiences pain or mobility issues, when the intervertebral discs no longer function correctly, they can cause worsening pain.

Symptoms of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

Patients may suffer from pain that stays in the middle of their neck and radiates outward to their shoulders. Symptoms may also include pain with flexion or extension of the neck, radiation into the upper extremities and headaches. Symptoms frequently overlap with cervical stenosis, cervical herniated discs, and cervical facet syndrome. Patients may also notice or hear “cracking” or “crunching” sounds when turning their heads from side to side.

Treatment for Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

When degenerative disc disease causes ruptured, bulging or slipped spinal discs in the cervical spine, pain and spinal instability can result. Managing pain and stimulating healing can be accomplished with minimally invasive interventional treatments in most cases.

At Ospina Medical, we specialize in treating cervical disc disease through interventional spine and regenerative medicine techniques. For those looking to optimize their healing and return to function, we offer Regenexx and bone marrow concentrate containing stem cells procedures.

If you suffer from symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease, schedule a consultation with our interventional spine specialists at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan today. We will create an individualized treatment plan to help treat your pain, improve your function and get you back to living your life.

Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease FAQ

What are the symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease?

  • Neck pain
  • Pain radiating into the arms, hands, or fingers
  • Pain worsens with movement
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Numbness or tingling in the neck or hands
  • Weakness in the neck

How common is cervical degenerative disc disease?

Research has shown that almost 25% of people under the age of 40 and 60% over the age of 40 have some degree of cervical degenerative disc disease.

Can cervical degenerative disc disease be reversed or cured?

Unfortunately, cervical degenerative disc disease can’t be reversed; however, it can be managed. With regular exercise, flexibility and mobility exercises, lifestyle and habit changes, and pain management, cervical degenerative disc disease can be controlled and quality of life maintained. At Ospina Medical, we offer cutting-edge regenerative treatments such as SCP and bone marrow therapy to help heal and restore your cervical discs.

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