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Many types of chronic pain conditions are not curable. Arthritis and many degenerative diseases can be slowed down, but the damage they cause can be irreversible and result in chronic pain. While it may not be possible at this point in medical care to cure all chronic pain conditions, there are advances in interventional pain management available. At Ospina Medical, we offer innovative pain solutions, like spinal cord stimulation (SCS), at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

The sympathetic nervous system sends pain and sensation signals to the spinal cord and up to the brain. Neuromodulation pain intervention utilizes electrical current to interrupt these signals to stop the brain from recognizing pain. The most advanced version of this medical technology is spinal cord stimulation. Unlike devices that are placed on the outside of the skin, SCS is implanted to directly interrupt nerve signals at the nerve roots near the spinal cord.


With spinal cord stimulation devices, probes are implanted to target specific nerves that relay the patient’s chronic pain. To do this, a trial is usually performed to ensure this method is right for the patient. A temporary SCS device is placed outside of the skin with probes near the affected nerves. The patient can control the electric pulses to interrupt pain signals with a remote. A one-week trial usually will reveal if this is effective for controlling their type of pain. If it is successful, a long-term SCS device can be implanted under the skin for managing pain.

SCS gives those with some types of chronic pain an opportunity to control their level of pain without opioids. For many, SCS and other interventional pain management options we offer at Ospina Medical can improve their quality of life. If you are living with sciatica or back pain from degenerative disease like arthritis, contact us at our clinic in NYC to discuss our advanced pain management options.

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