The Regenexx® Family of procedures

We present the latest, nonsurgical procedures to treat arthritis and joint injuries as a viable alternative to surgery. Learn why Regenexx procedures are superior to other regenerative treatment options.

These advanced cellular therapies and blood platelet procedures provide nonsurgical treatment options for those suffering from joint or bone pain, torn or strained tendons and ligaments, or other common injuries and degenerative conditions. Regenexx procedures offer a viable alternative for patients with chronic pain and who may be considering surgery.

How do Regenexx® Procedures work?

Healing cells are in all of us, and they are responsible for healing injured bones, ligaments, tendons, and tissues. As we get older or injured, we sometimes cannot get enough of these cells into the area in need. The Regenexx procedures help solve that problem by precisely delivering a high concentration of cells into the injured area and aiding your body’s ability to heal naturally. Patients experience very little downtime, and they typically avoid the long, painful rehabilitation periods that often follow surgery to restore joint strength and mobility.

Regenexx Patient Success Stories
The Regenexx Difference

Not all cellular therapies are created equal, nor are the doctors who perform these procedures. We’re part of an elite network of musculoskeletal specialists, leaders in the rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine. To learn just how different we are, watch this brief video.