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Injections For Chronic Migraines is an effective FDA approved treatment for chronic migraines!

Peripheral nerve blocks are performed with live imaging guidance to safely and effectively treat painful peripheral nerves.

Bursae are fluid-filled sacs meant to protect muscles and tendons. When these become inflamed or tender, we offer injections to alleviate the pain.

Epicondylar injections are often used to treat a condition commonly referred to as golfer’s elbow, from the overuse of your elbow.

Facial nerve blocks can be used to treat facial pain in a wide variety of cases, such as injury to the nerve or pain from some viral infections.

Trigger point injections are used to treat knots by breaking up a muscle spasm.

Intercostal nerve blocks are used to treat those who are suffering from pain in their chest caused by the inflammation of their intercostal nerves.

Occipital nerve blocks can be an effective treatment for chronic neck pain and headaches.

A Piriformis Injection can help to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms that lead to buttock and leg pain.

Prolotherapy is a great alternative to steroid injections and can help stimulate your body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

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