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It's important to seek help if you feel physical discomfort in the shoulder. Located in New York, NY, Ospina Medical specializes in treating shoulder pain. Dr. Matthew Kohler is trained in diagnosing and treating shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff tears, and adhesive capsulitis, also known as a "frozen shoulder." Our orthopedic practice is proud to offer advanced care to increase your range of motion. Contact Dr. Kohler to receive your custom-tailored treatment plan today.

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The shoulder is full of tendons, ligaments, and tissues that may become stiff or tight. This can often lead to a lack of mobility, as well as pain.

AC Joint pain can present as pain in the front of your shoulder and is oftentimes made worse with palpation or shoulder movement.

Shoulder impingement syndrome can cause severe pain with shoulder movement and severely limit your quality of life.

Shoulder bursitis leads to inflammation and swelling around the top of your shoulder that can be tender to touch and limit mobility.

Biceps tears can result from trauma or overuse, cause severe pain, and limit your mobility.

Biceps Tendinitis can be caused by overuse injuries, trauma, or laxity within the shoulder joint that can lead to worsening pain and limited mobility.

Shoulder arthritis results from chronic wear of the shoulder joint leading to limited function, worsening pain, and decreased range of motion.

Shoulder rotator cuff tears can cause severe shoulder pain, limit range of motion, and if left untreated lead to worsening shoulder issues.

Frozen shoulder or “adhesive capsulitis” can significantly limit your range of motion and cause severe pain when left untreated.

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