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What is a piriformis injection?

A piriformis injection is a procedure in which a local anesthetic and corticosteroid is injected into your piriformis muscle, which is located deep in your buttocks. This procedure can be used both diagnostically to determine the source of your pain and therapeutically by providing pain relief.

Who is a candidate for a piriformis injection?

People who experience buttock pain or pain in the back of their leg and have not responded to conservative treatments, such as ice, heat, and stretching may be a candidate for a piriformis injection. Your sciatic nerve runs underneath the piriformis muscle and when this muscle becomes tight and spasmed it can cause your sciatic nerve to become irritated. While simple stretching and rest can sometimes alleviate spasm and pain, in more severe cases a piriformis injection may help to release the spasm and reduce swelling in the sciatic nerve.

How is a piriformis injection performed?

We can perform all piriformis injections in our office using ultrasound guidance. During the procedure your physician will locate your piriformis muscle under ultrasound and inject a combination of local anesthetic and a corticosteroid. The local anesthetic will help to provide immediate pain relief, while the corticosteroid will provide longer relief. Corticosteroids take 3-5 days to begin working, so it is normal for your pain to return to normal after the local anesthetic wears off. These procedures are minimally invasive and can be performed in less than 30 minutes.

If you are experiencing buttock pain and pain in the back of your leg which has not gotten better from rest or stretching then a piriformis injection may be helpful for you! Contact our midtown Manhattan office today to schedule your consultation!

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