Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in Manhattan, NY

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When nerves and arteries pass through or near joints, they need protection from movement. In the ankle, the tarsal tunnel is the space reserved for the major nerves, arteries and tendons that need protected passage into the foot. If this space is reduced from injury or inflammation, it can cause compression on the nerves, causing a painful foot condition called tarsal tunnel syndrome. Our pain management team at Ospina Medical offers tarsal tunnel syndrome treatment at our clinic in New York City.

The posterior tibial nerve is the largest nerve of the foot. It depends on the tarsal tunnel to give it protection as it travels from the leg and ankle into the foot. The tarsal tunnel is created by a space between a strong ligament that stretches over the inside of the ankle and the bone underneath. When an injury, growth or inflammation impact the ankle, the tarsal tunnel can be reduced and puts pressure on the posterior tibial nerves, causing foot pain.


There are various issues that can impact the ankle and tarsal tunnel. Arthritis or joint inflammation can swell into the tunnel, putting pressure on the posterior tibial nerve. Other possible causes of tarsal tunnel syndrome include ankle injuries, varicose veins, bone spurs, cysts, diabetes or fallen arches. Symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome include pain, tingling, burning or numbness on the inside of the foot, sometimes spreading to the heel and toes.

Our pain specialists can diagnose tarsal tunnel syndrome and offer effective treatment options. Reducing inflammation or addressing cysts, bone spurs and other possible compression issues in the tarsal tunnel can alleviate symptoms and prevent permanent nerve damage. If you have inner foot pain, contact our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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