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Knee joints are prone to painful injuries and disease. Worn cartilage, inflamed bursa, sprained ligaments and other knee conditions can cause acute or chronic pain and limit mobility. If you are suffering from knee pain and want relief, knee injections may be the solution. Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan offers effective pain management and interventional orthopedic knee therapies for many types of joint conditions.


The knee is a complex joint that is under excessive stress. The components in the knee are constantly under pressure from the weight of the body. Sudden or extreme movements can injure tendons or ligaments and repetitive motions can result in ongoing wear or tear of the joint cartilage. Injuries to the knee are common, and the knee is one of the most common joints to suffer from osteoarthritis. Knee pain can be caused by strains, sprains, tears and degenerative diseases, most of which can cause inflammation and pain in the joint.


Relieving inflammation in the joint can minimize pain for many knee conditions. Severe ligament sprains may be treated with anti-inflammatory injections to reduce swelling for pain relief. Joint inflammation from degenerative diseases, like osteoarthritis, can also be relieved with knee injections of local anesthetic and steroids. While anti-inflammatory knee injections do not cure the cause of pain, they can stop it at its source and reduce the need for harmful opioids or other pain medications.

Interventional orthopedic knee injections can offer the slowing down of a degenerative disease or speed up healing during injury recovery. The injections can provide stimulation of tissue repair to help relieve pain and improve knee function.

If you suffer from knee pain and dysfunction due to injuries or disease, contact our pain management team at Ospina Medical. We offer pain relief and interventional orthopedic knee injections at our clinic in New York City.

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