Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Injections in Manhattan, NY

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What is a sacroiliac (SI) joint injection?

A sacroiliac joint injection is a procedure in which a corticosteroid is injected into your SI joint. Your SI joints are located at the bottom of your spine and they connect the spine and pelvis. These joints help with movement but are most important for balance and shock absorption between the upper and lower body. When the SI joint becomes inflamed it can cause pain in your lower back and groin.

Who is a candidate for a SI joint injection?

Patients who experience low back and/or groin pain may be a candidate for a SI joint injection. However, the SI joints are often overlooked as a source of lower back or sciatica pain. Sacroiliac joint osteoarthritis and other conditions can mimic lumbar spine conditions, such as lumbar radiculopathy. Symptoms of SI joint issues include lower back, groin, hip and leg pain. If the sciatic nerve is irritated from inflammation in the SI joint, there could be burning, weakness and numbness in the buttocks and legs. Both lower spine and SI joint problems cause similar symptoms, and a SI joint injection can be used as a diagnostic tool to help determine the source of your pain and provide relief.

How is a SI joint injection performed?

We offer SI joint injections in our on-office procedure suite. Fluoroscopic guidance (X-Ray) is used during a SI joint injection. A contrast medication will be injected into your SI joint to confirm maximum coverage of the medication and once placement is confirmed a mixture of local anesthetic and corticosteroids are injected into your joint. Local anesthetic is used to provide immediate pain relief, while the corticosteroid helps to reduce inflammation and provide long term relief. Steroids can take 3-5 days before a patient begins to notice any improvement.

If you have been suffering from low back pain and/or groin pain and you think that you may have sacroiliac joint problems, contact our office, located in midtown Manhattan, to book your consultation today!

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