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What is a kyphoplasty?

A kyphoplasty is a procedure used to treat vertebral compression fractures. Compression fractures are often due to age-related degeneration and trauma which causes the vertebrae to collapse and can cause severe pain in the back. A kyphoplasty procedure aims to restore vertebral body height and strength to reduce pain and avoid re-injury.

Who is a candidate for a kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasties are only indicated for those who have a compression fracture(s) that has been confirmed with diagnostic imaging. Furthermore, kyphoplasties will not improve pain associated with old and chronic fractures. During your consultation your physician will perform a physical examination and review diagnostic imaging of your spine to determine if you are a candidate for a kyphoplasty. Patient’s must have an MRI confirming the compression fracture in order to be a candidate, therefore any patients with a suspected compression fracture will be referred for an MRI first.

How is a kyphoplasty performed?

We can perform kyphoplasty in our AAAASF-accredited procedure suite. During the procedure your physician will gain access into the fractured vertebral body. Once in position, a surgical balloon is inflated with contrast medication to help heighten the vertebrae and the contrast is used to confirm the placement of the balloon and the restored height. A special bone cement is then mixed and injected into the cavity in your vertebrae that the balloon created. This bone cement helps to restore vertebral height, provide strength to the vertebrae to avoid re-injury, and to help alleviate pain that was associated with the compression fracture. The procedure can take up to 2 hours to perform and patients typically require 4-7 days of rest before resuming light daily activities. Your physician will also send you a referral for a back brace before the scheduled procedure which will help aid in your recovery.


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