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How Can I Tell If My Knee Pain is Serious?

Our Medical Writing Team | 11/18/2023

Relieve knee pain with Dr. Matthew Kohler's innovative treatments at Ospina Medical in New York City.


The First Step to Recovery: Physical Therapy for Chronic Back and Joint Pain

Our Medical Writing Team | 11/16/2023

Struggling with joint or back pain? Discover why physical therapy is the step you shouldn’t skip on your recovery journey.


Back Pain Breakthroughs: Spinal Surgery vs. Regenexx Treatments for LBP

Our Medical Writing Team | 11/10/2023

Are you considering spine surgery for chronic back pain? Find out how Regenexx treatments may be a better fit for your wallet and your body.


Navigating Knee Pain: Innovative Therapies to Get You Moving Again

Our Medical Writing Team | 11/06/2023

Does knee pain have you down? Find out which treatments may help you get back up!


Radiofrequency Relief: RF Ablation for Chronic Back Pain

Our Team | 10/27/2023

Has conservative treatment failed to ease your chronic back pain? Discover how radiofrequency ablation may be the treatment for you.


From Ski Slopes to Stem Cells: Pioneering Treatments for Winter Sports Injuries

Our Medical Writing Team | 10/19/2023

Tired of prolonged healing from winter sports mishaps? Discover how stem cells and PRP may help rewrite your healing journey.


Can A Biceps Tear Heal on its Own Without Treatment?

Our Team | 10/16/2023

Dr. Matthew Kohler treats partial biceps tears using platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate to promote faster healing treatment.


A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Injuries and Their Management

Our Medical Writing Team | 10/11/2023

Athletes are prone to sports-related injuries and may require treatment when hurt. Learn about the most common injuries faced and what can be done!


Innovation Meets Relief: JOGO Health's Approach to Chronic Lower Back Pain

Our Medical Writing Team | 10/05/2023

Do you suffer from chronic low back pain? Learn how biofeedback therapy is rewriting the rules on pain management with technologies like JOGO Health!


Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment: A Game-Changer for Athletes

Our Medical Writing Team | 09/28/2023

Do you want to recover like a pro? Discover the secret behind PRP and why athletes like Kobe Bryant trust it!


Aging Gracefully: Can PRP Therapy Help Slow Down Hair Loss as We Get Older?

Our Team | 09/25/2023

Explore PRP therapy for hair loss with Dr. Matthew Kohler at Ospina Medical in New York, NY, and embrace aging gracefully.


Unlocking Natural Healing: How Regenexx Stands Out in Regenerative Medicine

Our Medical Writing Team | 09/20/2023

How does Regenexx elevate traditional regenerative medicine treatments? Learn about their groundbreaking approach.


Spinal Cord Stimulation: A Modern and Effective Solution for Chronic Pain

Our Team | 09/14/2023

Are you tired of chronic back pain with no solution? Discover if Spinal Cord Stimulation is the treatment option you've been waiting for.


Fixing a Fracture: How Kyphoplasty is Reshaping Spinal Care

Our Team | 09/11/2023

Looking for a solution to spinal compression fractures? Dive into how kyphoplasty could be your answer.


Serving Relief: Modern Treatments for Tennis Elbow

Our Medical Writing Team | 09/07/2023

Is tennis elbow slowing you down? Learn how and which treatments for lateral epicondylitis may bring you significant relief.


The Neck's Best Thing: Exploring the Anatomy and Treatment of Neck Pain

Our Medical Writing Team | 09/04/2023

Neck pain: is it just aging, or something more? Find out the usual culprits and how to counteract them.


Breaking the Cycle: How to Help Prevent Recurring Lower Back Pain

Our Medical Writing Team | 09/01/2023

At Ospina Medical in New York, NY, Dr. Matthew Kohler offers personalized prevention strategies for recurring lower back pain.


Pulling Back the Chronic Pain Curtain: Demographics, Disparities, and Dr. Kohler

Our Medical Writing Team | 08/31/2023

From statistics to solutions: Learn just how common chronic pain is and discover groundbreaking Regenexx treatments that seek to combat it.


Arthritis Ain't Stopping Us: The Ultimate Guide to Active Living

Our Medical Writing Team | 08/28/2023

Is arthritis challenging your love for activity? Find out how to reclaim your vitality with tailored exercises.


Beyond Traditional Healing: How AI Enhances Biofeedback for Pain Management

Our Medical Writing Team | 08/24/2023

AI isn't just for techies. Learn how it's revolutionizing pain and stress relief therapies.


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