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Could a Herniated Disc Be the Cause of Your Lower Back Pain?

Our Medical Writing Team | 05/03/2024

Learn how Dr. Matthew Kohler at Ospina Medical identifies and treats lower back pain caused by herniated discs.


Smarter Supplementation: Your Guide to Correctly Choosing Collagen

Our Medical Writing Team | 04/12/2024

Collagen is widely praised by the health community. Learn more about its wide-ranging health benefits and get connected to the right supplements.


Let's Get Something Straight: A Guide to Scoliosis Management

Our Medical Writing Team | 04/09/2024

Are you battling with the complexities of scoliosis? Discover life-changing treatments and strategies that may improve your quality of life.


Managing Myofascial Pain: Dry Needling and Trigger Point Injections

Our Medical Writing Team | 04/06/2024

Seeking relief from persistent muscle pain or stiffness? See how two innovative treatments can help.


Navigating Spinal Health: Anatomy, Conditions, and Modern Therapies

Our Medical Writing Team | 03/29/2024

Looking for solutions to spinal discomfort? Understand the structure of your spine and how modern therapies can transform your health.


Treating Compression Fractures: Interventional vs. Surgical Solutions

Our Medical Writing Team | 03/15/2024

Are you or a loved one struggling with back pain? It might be a compression fracture. Learn more about your options now!


Find Relief From Knee Osteoarthritis with PRP Therapy

Our Medical Writing Team | 03/12/2024

Experience knee pain, stiffness, or swelling? Explore symptoms and causes of knee osteoarthritis, and learn how PRP therapy can help.


A New Era of Healing: Unlocking the Power of PRP by Regenexx for All Ages

Our Medical Writing Team | 03/08/2024

Is age slowing down your recovery? Explore how PRP by Regenexx is providing rapid relief for all ages!


What Are the Symptoms of a Bicep Tear?

Our Medical Writing Team | 03/05/2024

Feeling sharp pain in your upper arm or elbow? It could be a bicep tear. Dr. Kohler uses platelet-rich plasma injections to help stimulate healing.


Regenexx for Rotator Cuff Recovery

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/29/2024

Are you suffering from chronic pain caused by rotator cuff damage? Learn how the latest in Regenerative Medicine can help you heal faster!


Knee Relief Now: PRP by Regenexx for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/26/2024

Struggling with side knee pain? Learn about Iliotibial Band Syndrome and the innovative solutions offered by Regenexx!


Trigeminal Neuralgia: From Diagnosis to Hopeful Horizons

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/23/2024

Learn how to navigate the complexities of trigeminal neuralgia, finding hope and resilience along the journey from diagnosis to triumph.


Compression for Competition: Athletes’ Secret to Faster Recovery

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/20/2024

Are you looking for non-surgical solutions for muscle recovery? See how athletes enhance performance with compression therapy.


Movement that Heals: Exploring PT for Injuries, Chronic Conditions, and More

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/17/2024

Do you struggle with an injury or chronic musculoskeletal condition? Learn what types of physical therapy are available and which is right for you!


From Pain to Performance: PRP by Regenexx for Advanced Shoulder Recovery

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/14/2024

Do you or a loved one struggle from shoulder pain? See why Regenexx's innovative PRP therapy could be an effective alternative to shoulder surgery.


Replacing Surgery with Regenexx: Novel Treatments for Hip Pain Relief

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/09/2024

Seeking hip pain relief without surgery? Learn how Regenexx uses your cells for enhanced healing.


Taking the First Step: Managing Plantar Fasciitis with PRP by Regenexx

Our Medical Writing Team | 02/04/2024

Is heel pain slowing you down? See how regenerative medicine approaches like PRP by Regenexx offer hope for managing your plantar fasciitis!


How Does PRP Therapy Work to Help Reverse Balding?

Our Medical Writing Team | 01/14/2024

PRP therapy at Ospina Medical in New York City with Dr. Matthew Kohler offers a natural, effective solution for the restoration of lost hair.


The Future is Here: Regenexx's Stem Cell Strategy for Back Pain

Our Medical Writing Team | 01/05/2024

Looking for a non-surgical way to treat back pain? Explore Regenexx's advanced bone marrow concentrate therapy containing stem cells,


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to Solution: PRP for CTS

Our Medical Writing Team | 12/31/2023

Do you struggle with wrist pain? Discover how to combat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome effectively.


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