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What Are the Causes of Bursitis in the Shoulder?

Dr. Matthew Kohler | 06/02/2023

Explore the underlying causes of shoulder bursitis and find relief from pain and inflammation in your shoulder joint.


Decoding Your Diet: Navigating Food for Health and Wellness

Our Medical Interns | 05/31/2023

Are you fueling your body correctly? Discover the often-overlooked nutrition facts that could revolutionize your health and pain management journey!


Boosting Wellness for Weight Loss: The Potential of Vitamin IV Infusions

Our Medical Interns | 05/27/2023

Learn how Vitamin IV therapy can boost wellness and help you on your weight loss journey! Discover the trendy wellness secret many swear by.


Looking Within: The Pre-Procedural Importance of X-Ray and MRI Imaging

Our Medical Interns | 05/24/2023

Why do doctors love X-rays and MRIs? Find out why obtaining imaging is an essential step before most procedures.


Localized vs. Radicular Pain: Decoding Your Discomfort

Our Medical Interns | 05/10/2023

Are you experiencing localized or radicular pain? Discover the differences that could change your treatment options!


How to Know If You Have a Lumbar Pinched Nerve

Dr. Matthew Kohler | 04/30/2023

Discover the signs, causes, and treatment options for lumbar pinched nerves.


Regenexx: An Effective Alternative to Orthopedic Surgery For Knee Pain

Our Medical Interns | 04/25/2023

Knee pain affects 1 in 5 people – explore Regenexx, the non-surgical, cost-effective solution that harnesses your body's natural healing power!


Thoracic Spine 101: Anatomy, Functions, and Treatments for a Healthy Back

Our Medical Interns | 04/22/2023

The thoracic spine is an integral part of your body. Learn about its structure, its function, and how to keep it healthy!


Conquering Cervical Dystonia: The Power of Intramuscular BOTOX Injections

Our Medical Interns | 04/19/2023

Unlock neck pain relief with Botox! Find out how it treats symptoms of cervical dystonia to promote increased mobility and decreased neck pain.


Chronic Pain Management's Future: Lidocaine Infusion Therapy

Our Medical Interns | 04/13/2023

Explore lidocaine infusion therapy for chronic pain management, a non-opioid alternative with reduced side effects and dependence, for lasting relief.


Epicondylar Injections: Picking Between Viscosupplementation and Corticosteroids

Our Medical Interns | 04/04/2023

Suffering from elbow pain? Discover the benefits of epicondylar injections and learn what options exist for helping you find lasting relief!


What Does Osteoarthritis Look Like in the Knee?

Our Medical Interns | 03/31/2023

Learn what signs and symptoms may mean you have developed knee osteoarthritis, and find out what treatment options can help you avoid surgery.


Unlocking the Power of Biofeedback

Our Medical Interns | 03/28/2023

Unlock your body's full potential with biofeedback! Learn how you can gain control, boost well-being, and revolutionize your health journey today.


A New Era in Hair Restoration: Why PRP Therapy Outperforms Traditional Treatment

Our Medical Interns | 03/23/2023

Are you struggling with hair loss and unsure which treatment to choose? Compare the added benefits of PRP therapy to traditional restoration methods.


Good Habits for Great Work: 11 Tips for a Healthier Workspace

Our Medical Interns | 03/01/2023

Upgrade your home office with 11 easy changes for becoming more productive than ever before! Say hello to a healthier, happier work life.


When Can I Wash my Hair After SCP Hair Loss Treatment?

Our Medical Interns | 02/28/2023

A useful guide on what to expect after your SCP hair loss treatment, including when you’ll be able to wash your hair and resume other routines.


Ketamine: Promising Treatment for Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia

Our Medical Interns | 02/21/2023

Ketamine is often used for pain management, but how does it really work? Find out why this medication is promising for opioid-induced hyperalgesia.


The Painful Truth: What Sciatic Pain Really Means and How Can You Treat It

Our Medical Interns | 02/14/2023

Have you heard of sciatic pain? There's much more to it than people think. Learn about the potential underlying diagnoses and how you can treat it.


Two Therapies, One Common Goal: SCP & Platelet Lysate by Regenexx for Pain

Our Medical Interns | 02/07/2023

Uncover the difference between Regenexx's proprietary SCP & platelet lysate for orthopedic pain relief. Find out which therapy is best for you!


What is the Best Way to Sleep With Shoulder Pain?

Our Team | 01/31/2023

If shoulder pain keeps you awake, here's some advice on the best ways to sleep to take the pressure off.


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