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How Can I Avoid Overstretching My Lower Back?

Our Medical Interns | 09/29/2022

Keep lower back pain at bay with these tips to avoid overexertion and injury.


MBBs are the MVPs: Medial Branch Blocks for Chronic Back Pain

Our Medical Interns | 09/28/2022

Medial Branch Blocks (MBBs) target chronic pain of the spine and neck, as well as act as a diagnostic tool. Learn how MBBs do it all!


Treating Chronic Knee Pain: Radio-Frequency Ablation of the Genicular Nerves

Our Medical Interns | 09/27/2022

Radio-frequency ablation is often used for treatment of chronic back pain. Learn how it can also target the genicular nerves and chronic knee pain.


What is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Our Medical Interns | 09/23/2022

Spinal Cord Stimulation involves the implantation of a device that monitors and silences the pain signals from problematic nerves. Learn more below…


Dead-Butt Syndrome: A Pain in the…

Our Medical Interns | 09/20/2022

"Dead Butt Syndrome" impacts many adults who under-activate their glute muscles. Learn more about signs, symptoms, and what to do if you develop DBS.


Better than a Needle in a Haystack: The Diversity of Acupuncture Therapy

Our Medical Interns | 09/19/2022

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment that is now found all over the world. Find out why this is the case, and if it may help you!


Getting Your Sleep Back on Track: Why Selecting the Right Mattress is Important!

Our Medical Interns | 09/16/2022

We've all heard how we need about 8 hours of sleep per night. Learn how you can maximize your sleep by selecting the right mattress for your needs!


Learning about Lupus: Answering the Important Questions about Lupus-Related Pain

Our Medical Interns | 09/14/2022

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that causes systemic pain and inflammation. Hear from our doctors on the misconceptions and "must-knows" of lupus.


Give it a Shot! Deciding Between Prolotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Our Medical Interns | 09/09/2022

Ospina Medical offers multiple Regenexx-patented regenerative medicine procedures. Find out if prolotherapy or platelet rich plasma is right for you!


How Does Frozen Shoulder Feel?

Our Medical Interns | 09/06/2022

A frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) can cause problems like stiffness and immobility. See how Regenexx® in New York City can provide relief.


Botox Injections for Migraines, Muscular Spasms, and More!

Our Medical Interns | 09/06/2022

Many people think Botox injections are only useful for cosmetic purposes... Learn how Botox can also help with chronic migraines and muscular spasms.


More Than a High-Tech Fashion Statement: Apple Watch for Health and Fitness

Our Medical Interns | 09/02/2022

How is the Apple Watch more than just a "cool" watch? Based on all its specs that promote a healthier lifestyle, the answer seems pretty clear to us.


Battle of the Procedures: Regenerative Medicine vs. Interventional Medicine

Our Medical Interns | 09/01/2022

Individuals seeking pain relief must choose from a wide array of treatments within interventional and regenerative medicines. Let us help you decide!


Hot N Cold Therapies: When to Apply Heat and When to Apply Ice?

Our Medical Interns | 08/31/2022

It is well known that heat therapy and cold therapy can help relieve pain, but not everyone knows proper times for each. Do you know the difference?


A Light in the Dark: Laser Therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

Our Medical Interns | 08/26/2022

Laser therapy is a new treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain, targeting damaged tissues with highly-controlled photons. Could this be for you?


Let's Look at the Numbers: How Effective are Regenexx Treatments?

Our Medical Interns | 08/24/2022

Regenexx patients from all over (OM too!) complete surveys on how their pain & function have improved over time. See how this data all comes together.


Finding Out Which Regenexx Procedure is Right for You

Our Medical Interns | 08/23/2022

Here at Ospina Medical, we offer platelet rich plasma injections and stem cell procedures for chronic pain. See how we determine the best fit for you!


IV Peptide Therapy: Treating Your Pain Drip by Drip

Our Medical Interns | 08/16/2022

IV Peptide Therapy uses an intravenous system to deliver a personalized peptide cocktail to your cells via the bloodstream. Could this be for you?


Facing the Inevitable: The Aches and Pains of Aging and Osteoarthritis

Our Medical Interns | 08/15/2022

Whether we wish to admit it or not, aging is inevitable and often leads to joint pain in the form of osteoarthritis. Is this something you experience?


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): A Better Treatment Option for Neuropathic Pain

Our Medical Interns | 08/11/2022

Neuropathy is characterized by nerve damage sending frequent, unnecessary pain signals. Pain medication and surgery can only do so much, but not PRP.


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