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Throughout the body, there are bursae that protect the muscles and tendons from friction during movement. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that act as cushions, with over a hundred different bursae in various places. Injury or repetitive motions can irritate bursae, causing them to become inflamed and tender. This can cause pain and limit mobility, especially when the bursa is located near a joint. Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan offers bursa injections to relieve joint inflammation and pain for our patients.

Inflammation of a bursa is called bursitis. Impact or pressure on a bursa can cause inflammation, as can repetitive motions that irritate these protective sacs. Bursitis results in the bursa becoming swollen and tender. Arthritis in the joints cause irritation to bursa, resulting in inflammation. As the muscles and tendons slide over the inflamed bursa during movement, it can cause pain. A non-invasive option to relieve bursitis pain is with an image-guided bursa injection.

what are the benefits?

Bursitis may be a difficult-to-identify impediment that causes you everyday pain and decline in activity. With bursa injections at Ospina Medical, our Manhattan, NY patients regain control over their pain with the following benefits:

  • Quick, non-invasive procedure done in the comfort of our office
  • Significantly reduced pain and inflammation
  • Preventive care that stops inflammation from damaging surrounding tissues
  • Ability to re-engage with the life you want to live


Injections of a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroid can help minimize inflammation and pain. The local anesthetic in bursa injections can provide almost immediate pain relief for several hours. The steroid may require a few days to take effect, but the anti-inflammatory effects can last for several weeks or longer. Bursa injections give relief for painful, swollen joints to improve mobility of hands, shoulders, elbows and knees.

Bursitis is a common cause of joint pain. It can accompany osteoarthritis or be the single cause of joint discomfort. If you have joints that are swollen or painful during movement, visit our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical in New York City. We offer effective diagnosis and treatment options for joint pain, including bursa injections. Contact our office to schedule your appointment to explore your treatment options.

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