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What is a cervical epidural steroid injection (CESI)?

A cervical epidural steroid injection (CESI) is a procedure performed on your neck, in which a corticosteroid is injected into the space within the bony confines of the spinal canal outside the dura mater. The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the inflammation that is caused by bulging or herniated discs putting pressure on your spinal nerves.

Who is a good candidate for a CESI?

Patients who experience neck pain with or without radiation into their arm(s) that have not responded to conservative treatments, like physical therapy, over the counter medications, and RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), may be a candidate for a CESI. During your consultation, your physician will perform a comprehensive history and physical exam, as well as review any diagnostic imaging to determine if you would benefit from a CESI.

How is a CESI performed?

All CESIs can be performed in our in-office procedure suite and can be offered with conscious sedation. We use fluoroscopy (X-Ray) to target the specific vertebral level that corresponds to your area of pain. During the procedure, your physician will use a contrast medication to ensure proper placement and spread throughout the epidural space. Once placement of the needle is confirmed the corticosteroid is injected. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and there is little to no downtime. Patients who receive sedation for their procedure will need to recover in our recovery room for 20-30 minutes before being discharged.

If you are experiencing neck pain and want to know if a cervical epidural steroid injection is the right treatment option for you, please call our midtown Manhattan office to book a consultation.

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