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Issues related to the head and neck can cause pain, loss of motion, and seriously affect your quality of life. At Ospina Medical, Dr. Matthew Kohler offers a full range of precision treatments for the head and neck for issues such as migraines, TMJ Syndrome, whiplash, herniated discs, and more. If you're in the New York, NY area, call us today to schedule a consultation. Let us accurately diagnose and treat your condition and help you get back to living a full life.

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Chronic migraines can significantly impact multiple areas of your life. Visit Ospina Medical today to receive treatment and alleviate your pain.

Occipital neuralgia may cause worsening headaches and severe pain that radiates from the back of your neck to the top of your head.

Tension headaches tend to present as severe, constant headaches that affect both sides of your head.

Neck muscle spasms can cause severe neck pain and may benefit from trigger point injections.

Cervical degenerative disc disease is a condition in which the discs in the cervical spine become fragile and are prone to bulging and herniation.

Cervical facet joint syndrome/cervical facet joint arthritis is a condition where inflammation or arthritis in the spine joints cause neck pain.

Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative orthopedic condition that can cause worsening neck and arm pain.

Whiplash injury can cause debilitating neck pain that limits your quality of life.

Cervical stenosis is a condition where narrowing of the spinal canal or areas around the nerve causes pain in the neck or arms.

Cervical herniated discs result from damage to the intervertebral spinal discs in the cervical spine that can lead to severe neck and arm pain.

Cervical pinched nerves can be caused by herniated discs that lead to severe radiating neck and arm pain.

TMJ syndrome is caused by damage to the temporomandibular joint and can lead to pain in the face and jaw, as well as clicking when opening the jaw.

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