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When you want to ensure medications or nutrients get the quickest delivery into the body, injection into the bloodstream is used. IV infusion therapy uses this concept to directly add needed components to the bloodstream to treat various conditions, including chronic pain. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical offer IV infusion therapy as one of our treatment options at our clinic in New York City.

When you take medications or nutritional supplements orally, they must go through the digestive process before they enter the blood. This slows the administration, and some components may be destroyed or pass through the body, never entering the blood system. With intravenous, or IV infusion, therapy, nutrients are delivered directly to the blood in an absorbable form. This offers quicker absorption and can be especially beneficial for those who have malabsorption issues that contribute to nutritional deficiencies.


Our pain experts at Ospina Medical utilize innovative treatment options for improving health and reducing pain and other debilitating symptoms for our patients. Intravenous, or IV infusion, therapies are one of the treatments we recommend to our patients, giving them the combination of nutrients they need to combat their illnesses. Many different substances can be delivered to the bloodstream through IV therapy. Some of the intravenous infusion therapies we offer include:

There are many advanced treatment options available in chronic pain management and interventional orthopedics. At Ospina Medical, we use a combination of many cutting-edge treatments to give our patients pain relief in personalized treatment plans. One treatment we may recommend is IV infusion therapy, the quickest option for administering certain nutrients to the body. Contact our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to learn more about intravenous infusion therapy and our other effective pain management treatments or to schedule your first visit.

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