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Review from P.F.  |  Source: Google  |  Mar 07, 2023

I have suffered for nearly a decade with degenerative disc disease, a hip injury, and two bad knees and arthritis and ridiculously bad cartilage. I have seen so many doctors that I can't even remember a lot of them - and some I remember with vitriol. When Dr. Kohler opened his own practice, I followed him. He is genuinely compassionate, and really listens which is a skill many doctors haven't acquired. Over the years he has given me the opportunity to live my life without so much pain all time. I have reached a point where I have made a lot of changes in my life which has helped reduce my pain but I'm still going to see Dr. Kohler to make sure I can continue to enjoy life without incredible pain everyday . He's really one of the few doctors in my life that I feel *really improved my life.* Most doctors I would never return to. He and Ospina is a practice I will never turn away from. If you feel like you're in the bowels of hell because of your constant, chronic pain? Go see Dr. Kohler. He is not a magician, just an excellent doctor. His staff is equally fine and very helpful and kind. More

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