Treatment for Tennis Elbow

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While the term “tennis elbow” got its name because tennis players frequently suffer from a common injury, tennis elbow does not only affect those who play the sport. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a relatively common issue that causes pain to radiate up and down the forearm. This pain can have negative effects on your day-to-day life because of how necessary movements of the lower arm are.

Repeated stress on a joint or a singled-out area of the body will often lead to damage over time. Men and women who work in sporting industries, cabinetry, stocking shelves or warehouses, or mechanical work regularly suffer from tennis elbow. They find that the repeated strain placed on their dominant elbow causes discomfort and pain to occur over time.

All joints inside the body are surrounded by cartilage and tendons. The cartilage provides a cushion to the joint so that the bones within the joint do not grind together, and the tendons help to stabilize the joint so that it moves properly. Car mechanics, cabinet builders and installers, bowlers, baseball players, and tennis players commonly suffer from pain in their dominant elbow because they use the elbow joint in many different ways. All joints are designed to move in a specific method, and when there is deviance from this movement unwanted strain is placed upon the joint.

Those who use their dominant forearm and elbow constantly will experience more wear and tear on the joint. Gripping anything and using the wrist by twisting in backward movements puts unnatural pressure on the elbow joint. People who use hand tools are repeatedly pushing down and twisting the elbow; tennis players twist their wrists backward for a forehand swing; baseball players twist their forearms to throw balls and pitches, and many people find that even day-to-day movements of sorting and lifting also apply pressure to the wrist and elbow. Repeated “backward” pressure on the elbow can result in pain, twinges, and discomfort radiating up and down the forearm.

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