The Future is Here: Regenexx's Stem Cell Strategy for Back Pain

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Understanding Regenexx's Same-Day Procedure

Regenexx's same-day procedure is a cutting-edge treatment for various conditions, including low back pain. This process involves extracting and processing a patient's bone marrow concentrate, rich in regenerative cells, and injecting it into areas of inflammation or injury. As we age or sustain significant injuries, our ability to summon enough healing cells to recover diminishes. During this procedure, a physician performs a bone marrow aspiration from the hip, an area abundant in these cells. The aspirate is then processed in a laboratory to concentrate the healing cells, which are subsequently injected into the affected area under advanced imaging guidance, ensuring precise delivery.

Application in Low Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain arises from numerous causes, many of which respond well to the Regenexx bone marrow concentrate containing stem cells treatment. A prime candidate for this therapy is damage to the intervertebral discs. These discs act as protective cushions between the vertebrae, facilitating movement and safeguarding spinal nerves. Damage to these discs can lead to vertebrae losing their protective cushion, causing inflammation, irritation of nerves, and resulting in back pain. The Regenexx procedure delivers healing and growth factors directly to the injured disc, promoting regeneration and growth. While "same-day" refers to the bone marrow processing and initial injection, the healing occurs over the subsequent weeks and months as the tissue is healed by the body's natural mechanisms.

Efficacy of the Treatment

Patients who have undergone the Regenexx same-day  bone marrow concentrate procedure often report significant improvements in both pain relief and functional mobility. On average, patients experience an increase in functional ability from performing 50% of activities normally to 72% post-treatment. Pain levels typically decrease from an average of 4.8/10 to 3.4/10, marking a 29% average reduction in discomfort.

Safety and Risks

The overall complication rate of this procedure is very low. In a comprehensive paper on stem-cell related complications by Regenexx, only a 2% complication rate was found in over 2,300 patients and 3,000 procedures. Of those complications, only 3 were considered serious complications that were definitely related to the procedure, giving it a “serious” complication rate of just 0.13%. The vast majority of the complications were continued low back pain post-procedure, and pain due to progressive degenerative joint disease. When compared to the much higher complication rates seen with invasive orthopedic procedures such as spinal fusions, this represents a significant improvement in risk. 

Next Steps

For qualifying individuals, Regenexx’s bone marrow concentrate procedure is a safe and effective way to treat your lower back pain at its source. Interested in finding out more? Schedule your consultation at Ospina Medical with Dr. Matthew Kohler, a trained Regenexx provider, to see if you are a candidate for this treatment!

Written By: Dakota Boonstra

Edited By: Camden Rowe

Medically Reviewed By: Matthew Kohler, MD

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