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Regenexx is Now Available in NYC!

Regenexx is one of the oldest and most robust regenerative medicine companies in the world offering a range of interventional orthopedic procedures including the popular PRP and Bone Marrow derived Stem Cell Injections. Now, these innovative treatments in orthopedic medicine are offered here with Regenexx NYC at Ospina Medical. Check out our reviews here!

Manhattan's Premiere Regenexx Center!

There are many other providers offering regenerative medicine services in Manhattan however we are proud to offer Regenexx, the gold standard in regenerative medicine treatments.

Our doctors are among the highest trained specialists in the field of regenerative medicine.

Many of the Regenexx NYC procedures are highly technical requiring a skilled hand and eye when it comes to image-guided needle placement. Dr. Kohler has spent multiple years practicing as an interventional pain provider performing many other types of needle-based procedures using ultrasound and fluoroscopic imaging. Dr. Kohler is also a licensed anesthesiologist and can provide anesthesia services during the regenerative medicine procedures when necessary. Regenerative Medicine and Regenexx NYC procedures are almost a natural extension of their interventional pain medicine practice which places him among a small group of highly trained specialists within the field. Learn more about our physician provider here!

We have an in-office laboratory for PRP and Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell processing.

Many other regenerative medicine companies and providers offer PRP and Stem Cell therapies, however, none are as advanced as Regenexx NYC when it comes to their in-office laboratory processing techniques. Sadly regenerative medicine as a whole is not very strictly regulated by the FDA and the products that can legally be advertised and sold as PRP and Stem Cells can vary drastically in their quality and concentration due to differences in laboratory processing. We have seen that this variety in quality can actually have a significant effect on the outcomes of the regenerative medicine procedures and we have seen many patients that have obtained PRP or Stem Cell Injections from other providers which did not really help them. We have seen numerous times where the same patient that received a failed PRP or stem cell injection from another non-Regenexx provider will undergo the procedure with a Regenexx NYC provider here at Ospina Medical and have a significant improvement in their pain and function following the procedure.

Here at Ospina Medical, we have an in-house laboratory with a highly trained laboratory technician who processes PRP and Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells with standardized and patented techniques that yield a more pure and higher concentration product than the kits used by other regenerative medicine companies currently on the market. This allows us to make sure every patient's PRP and Stem Cell products are of the highest quality. Learn more about how Regenexx provides superior and standardized service when compared to other regenerative medicine companies here!

You may not be able to trust every PRP and Stem Cell provider that you encounter, but you can trust that we at Ospina Medical are committed to the fullest to treating our patients and delivering a premium service for all of your regenerative medicine and interventional pain medicine needs with our partnership with Regenexx NYC. If you have any questions you can call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our Regenexx NYC providers for a consultation!

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