Innovation Meets Relief: JOGO Health's Approach to Chronic Lower Back Pain

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Chronic Lower Back Pain and Biofeedback

Millions globally suffer from chronic lower back pain and experience impacted quality of life and limited mobility. In response, biofeedback therapy is surfacing as a self-management method for this pain. JOGO Health, a cutting-edge company, is leveraging an AI-driven app and wearable sensors to reshape chronic lower back pain management through biofeedback and telemedicine. This approach allows patients to harness technology and self-awareness to better manage their pain.

Biofeedback: A Tailored Pain Solution

But how do biofeedback therapies  such as JOGO Health address chronic lower back pain? In summary, they increase awareness of involuntary physiological functions by providing real-time data. With JOGO health, sensors placed on specific muscles, especially around the lower back, track muscle contractions. This allows individuals to gain insights into their muscle systems, as well as understand and control muscle tension more effectively. This ultimately promotes pain reduction.

By engaging in their pain management and visualizing their pain, patients can develop relaxation techniques and personalized strategies. This centers their efforts in their wellness journey and promotes positive habit formation. 

Overcoming Technological Limitations

EMG biofeedback has been studied since the 1970s for chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders. However, technological limitations and a lack of awareness hindered its evolution. JOGO Health’s receipt of the FDA's Breakthrough Device Designation for its JOGO-CLBP product signals a considerable advancement, making biofeedback more available to those with chronic lower back pain.

JOGO Health: Leading in Virtual Health Solutions

The rise of telehealth has become particularly favorable to patients due to increased accessibility and the post-COVID-19 shift in healthcare delivery. This change has propelled JOGO Health and its virtual EMG biofeedback solutions to the forefront. Several studies support JOGO Health's effectiveness in biofeedback, positioning it as a standout in the rapidly changing virtual healthcare sector.

Towards a Future of Reduced Discomfort

Biofeedback is pivotal in facilitating efficient self-management of chronic lower back pain, allowing individuals to regain muscle control and alleviate discomfort. With FDA approval and JOGO Health's innovative approaches, biofeedback is a rising option for those seeking chronic lower back pain relief.

Conclusion: Path to Wellness

Biofeedback, enhanced by JOGO Health's innovations, is creating avenues for accessible self-management of chronic lower back pain. This approach lets people regain body control and live with reduced discomfort. FDA's acknowledgment of JOGO Health's product is a substantial step in marrying technology and healthcare, simplifying pain management for those with chronic lower back pain.

Embarking on Pain Management

If you seek holistic and personalized pain management strategies, exploring biofeedback with JOGO Health’s groundbreaking solutions might be your first step to a life of diminished pain and increased well-being. Consider starting your journey to effective pain management by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kohler at Ospina Medical. Through him and his highly skilled team, you can receive professional guidance, tailored treatments, and create a plan that suits your unique needs!

Written By: Aaliyah Sherfuddin

Edited By: Camden Rowe

Medically Reviewed By: Matthew Kohler, MD

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